Vape Detector

This is the HALO vape detector. It provides both a real-time Air Quality and Health Index alert when either index falls into danger zones. The HALO device can send automated reports on indoor environments and can validate whether a facility or indoor space requires improvement. You can capture comprehensive data to bring more health and safety awareness to your building with the HALO Smart Sensor.

What Is HALO 3C?

Halo 3CThe HALO Smart Sensor is an Internet of Things device used for health, safety, and vaping awareness. It's the #1 vape detector worldwide for nicotine and THC vaping. Since 2021, the HALO Smart Sensor won over 50 awards and has been installed in over 1,500 school districts nationwide to help combat the vaping epidemic.

The market for devices like these extends beyond the educational industry. The HALO Smart Sensor is helpful for industries such as health care, senior services, hospitality, and for uses in commercial buildings and apartment complexes, and more!

Version 2.5 is the latest software release of the HALO Smart Sensor. This version provides real-time alerts when the air quality and health are negatively impacted or fall to harmful levels. These alerts are automatically sent as reports and stored in HALO's Cloud, allowing building owners and administrators to show they provide a healthy indoor environment.

The new version of HALO's software allows its users to detect vaping, and monitor air quality and can be used as a complete security device for privacy areas where you want to restrict audio or camera recordings.

Here's what the HALO provides: building health and indoor air quality monitoring, THC detection, gunshot detection, emergency keyword alerting, audible alerting, light/occupancy alerting, chemical and VOC alerting, tamper alerting as well as temperature, humidity and pressure alerting.

Capture all the real-time comprehensive building safety and health awareness and data with the all-in-one HALO Smart Sensor 3C and the HALO Cloud Health Index solutions.

Experience the Difference With HALO 3C

The HALO 3C uses a calibrated sensor to detect carbon dioxide, which is more targeted and accurate.

There are sensors on the outside edges of the device that detect temperature and humidity for further accuracy readings.

How To Know It's Time To Install HALO 3C

When two things are of equal importance: security and air quality. That's where the HALO 3C plays a vital role. It's used when energy management or automating building management systems are key factors to your facilities' productivity and health classrooms, commercial or common areas like break rooms or office spaces.
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The HALO Cloud Dashboard

The HALO vape detector features an online dashboard where you can manage multiple devices. This is where you can receive real-time Air Quality and Health Index reports and alerts. You can also view historical data and document the health status of your building, and see areas that require attention. This is a powerful tool that empowers your staff to respond to any event effectively using many monitoring points for areas of concern.

Live View Map

The HALO features an interactive map that shows sensor readings and conditions of alarm conditions. The benefits of HALO's live view map are shortening the training curve for your staff and providing faster allocations of resources.


You can lower risk and reduce downtime by monitoring HALO's connection status.


You and your staff will be able to see graphs showing sensor readings and events over time to gain insights into security threats and air quality trends.


Download reports showing historical and graphical data logs. This way, you can create tangible documentation that shows you the security and air quality trends over time.


You can save up to one year of historical data logs automatically, satisfying FDA, CDC, and local health department compliances as well as board or customer requirements.


Maintaining the HALO's software is easy. Firmware updates are automated and easy to manage and configure.


The HALO is 100% secure, cannot be penetrated by back-door AWS attacks, and has been tested by 3rd-party cyber security firms via periodic penetration audits.
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