Sentry ERS

sentry ersSentry ERS is the most effective product of its kind to protect children, staff, and first responders during active shooter and other incidents.

Each Sentry ERS consists of two devices, a base unit with a lockdown button that can initiate lockdown protocols for the entire facility, and a dedicated mobile smartphone. Each piece has the capability to broadcast a live video stream and communicate with first responders, providing all the latest real-time information at the scene.

Sentry ERS is the only lockdown system providing comprehensive situational awareness in an emergency via video, two-way voice, text message and GPS location.

With Sentry ERS, facilities are receiving:

  • Faster response to critical threats – Immediate alerts to police and initiation of lockdown protocols at the touch of a button.
  • Better informed and prepared first responders – superior incident awareness provided by integrating video, voice, text, and GPS location data from rooms.
  • Better informed teachers and other staff members – direct voice and text communication with Security Operators.
  • Better emergency preparedness –drill mode with reporting capability.
  • Complete respect for privacy – no transmission of video, audio, or text until initiated by the user. No requirement to install an app on employees' personal mobile devices.

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    With Sentry ERS our communities now have a SIMPLE, EASY and FAST lockdown system at their disposal.

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